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In our increasingly complex world, families often face pressures that seem overwhelming. Sometimes, the needs of young children are overlooked as parents struggle with the crush of daily responsibilities. At times of extraordinary stress, such as divorce, a death in the family or financial hardship and uncertainty, children’s specific needs often aren’t recognized by those dealing with their own feelings.

Outpatient treatment services provides evaluations and therapy to help parents or caretakers learn healthy and effective coping skills to ensure the health, safety, and optimal growth of children ages three months to eight years.


I've learned to talk about my feelings.

Joey, Age 5

Determining the best treatment option begins with an evaluation. The treatment staff at The Children’s Place is made up of licensed, Masters-level clinical social workers and counselors, and a consulting child psychiatrist. Together, they offer assessment and treatment services for issues related to:

  • Attention, impulse control problems
  • Behavior management
  • Development delays
  • Parent/child interaction
  • Divorce or other family changes
  • Understanding and dealing with grief
  • Substance abuse in the family
  • Family or community violence
  • Neglect or abandonment
  • Physical or sexual abuse

Using a variety of assessment and evaluation practices; development screening, parenting assessment, psychiatric evaluation, the staff determines the treatment services best suited to your family.

Early identification and treatment for issues of concern is essential to preserve a child’s health and safety. The Children’s Place offers a continuum of outpatient treatment services to address the needs of individual children and parents: individual counseling; play therapy; family therapy; parent/child interaction therapy; and training services for professionals.

For admissions criteria to the Outpatient Program contact our Admissions Coordinator Jaimi Jenkins at or 816-363-1898.